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The joy I felt during shows when I was ice skater, naturally lead me to become an actor. Since I could not really begin a new career without sound foundations in acting, I first attended Jean Perimony’s school, then Marie Boudet’s.

As I really have a huge passion for this job, I continually start new projects : live performances, short films, TV, cinema, dubbing, ad films…

Feel free to discover a part of my universe as you flick through my website.

Versatile, dynamic, resolute, as passionately fond of acting as I used to be for ice-skating, today I entirely dedicate myself to my career as an actor, even if, from time to time, I still participate in ice-skating shows.

Far from showing off an ego, this website is a way for me to make things happen. If you have a project, if you want us to meet,  it would be my pleasure, so contact me.

See you very soon …